This is your tank:

Move by clicking on the map where you want to go

Everything else is computer controlled :

If the border of the map is RED you are in an enemy sector. If the border is GREEN the sector is friendly and the units in it are yours.

This is a Command Post:

The basic game is to kill all the command posts in a sector, then deploy your own command posts to take over the map.

Click any target to shoot. The results of your shot will appear in the message window in the top right corner. Change weapons by clicking on the weapon selector.

Once you blow up all command posts in a sector, everything else is also destroyed. You can then create your own command posts with the deploy menu - once at least one is built, you can deploy friendly computer controlled units with the "Deploy" menu under your Missile readout.

You can move into new sectors using the arrow buttons bordering the Main Console.

The World Map button on the bottom right brings up a map showing all the sectors on the planet, as well as enemy player locations and incoming ICBMS.

For more details and links to other game stuff, see the Rules Page and the New Player Guide

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