18 years of age or older, because there are naughty words on this site, plus user-created content - "game experience may change during online etc etc etc"

You will probably get banned for :

Since this is a beta, your account might get deleted by accident too. Anything and everything in the game is subject to change. I might send you game info or updates via email, but I won't sell the address to the Nigerian finance ministry or anyone else.

I'm using weak cookie-based sessions and plain ol HTTP, try not to use the same password you use here elsewhere.

Users are responsible for thier posts/names/etc, not me. This is an anonymous forum that conforms to JGGIFT

Have Fun ! If you have problems,questions,or comments post on the forum or send me an email at info[AT]wmdtb.com

A million thanks to Cheryl and Jena for free design work.

Also RangerSheck for helpful feedback and PBBG developer moral support.

Lots of nifty stuff from ye olde internets helped to make this:
SoundManager 2
Walter Zorn's Javascript Vector Graphics Library
Inferno's unitFXsound pack from Freesound
Frank Manno's CSS Image Maps Redux
Dynamic Drive 3d CSS buttons
Webmaster Toolkit CSS Menu Generator
DHTML Lemmings code examples

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